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Web apps 4 any device

Nowadays almost 50% of the web usage is made using devices other than laptops and desktops. Depending on the specifications we develop mobile, tablet, or even TV optimized web apps taking in consideration the screen size and interface of each device.

Design for the modern web

When the target is not a specific device our team develops responsive and flexible web apps and web sites that automatically detect the user’s device and provides the optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Social Media

We have extend experience in developing facebook apps and spicing up web sites by embedding authentication, chatting, commenting, posting, geolocation and many other functions using the APIs of the most important social networks (facebook,
linkedin, twitter, foursquare, etc).

Real time interactive apps

Chatting, multilayer games, voting etc are only a few of the many examples that acquire real time, multi-user interaction. kissmybutton has experience in developing real time web apps using the latest web technologies like websockets and node.js

web GIS

web GIS has always been one of our major interests. Our team has deep knowledge in the GIS technology, has been developing web GIS applications since 2004 and has extend experience in all modern web GIS tools and APIs.

Media on the modern web

HTML5 has changed the web as we knew it. New capabilities have brought video, audio, peer2peer and live video chatting directly to the browser. kissmybutton is well aware of the available tools and technologies and is ready to provide solutions for the most demanding web usage scenarios.

Custom CMS components

Almost half of the websites use one of the available open source Content Management Systems, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. kissmybutton develops custom plugins and components for all of the popular CMS of the market. Just define the specific function that you want to embed to your CMS based web site and leave the rest to us.

Native mobile apps

kissmybutton develops native Android, iOS, Windows mobile and Blackberry applications.